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What Do You Want from Me? Tips for Creating Fan-Friendly Social Content

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Social media isn’t easy, but it is worthwhile if your business takes the time to create fan-friendly social content. The sad fact is, many small businesses are too focused on using old-media tactics that don’t work for social media.

For instance, social media is more of a brand awareness tool than a direct sales tool. If you are only using it to broadcast a sales pitch once a month, you’re not going to get the results you want. The goal is to have consistent content that users will want to consume — content that connects them to your brand, entertains them, and informs them in an engaging way.

It doesn’t happen by accident, which is why it is so important for your salon to create a content strategy. Know the answers to the most important questions: Who is your customer? What attitude or action are you trying to influence? What forum is best for your message? Who is going to produce content? When and how often will content be published?

Get the answers on paper in the form of a customer profile, editorial schedule, or mission statement that can serve as a resource for all of your social media efforts.

Most importantly, know the “why” behind your plan. Are you just participating in social media to keep up with the times? That’s not good enough. Dig deeper into your business goals and connect the dots. You’ll find that social media can be a catalyst that helps you become a trusted expert to your fans and customers. To your viewers, an active social media presence signals customer service, responsibility and transparency.

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