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Trained to Succeed

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Uncertainty: It might be the worst feeling in business. With nothing but the dense fog of the unknown before you, your lungs deflate, your heart throbs in your chest, and your mind churns over the possibilities. Do you try something new? Do you get rid of something old? Do you stand still as the fog rolls in?

Uncertainty permeates decisions with the heavy feeling of anxiety, which is why most valuable resources are the ones that give you peace of mind. The tools that reduce uncertainty reveal a clear path between you and success on the horizon.

Finding and implementing these tools can be the most difficult task — especially when you consider the cost of new equipment or a remodel — but professional training continues to improve confidence and reduce uncertainty while remaining one of the most affordable investments in your business.

This is fortunate, since the most contentious point of uncertainty in a salon is what employees do and say when the owners aren’t around. Behind the front counter, your employees’ performance determines the profitability of your salon. When your salon is in their hands, are you confident that they are walking your business down the path to success, or do you feel your lungs deflate with that uncertainty?

Smart Tan has spent almost a quarter century propelling your business in the right direction with trustworthy professional training that turns your biggest question mark into your greatest asset. In 2014, the industry-leading UV Tanning Certification got even better with the introduction of a new, interactive format and behavior-focused content that was designed to make a measurable difference in indoor tanning businesses. The new-and-improved program tackles current industry issues through the lens of practical application, making it a high-return investment for salons of all kinds.

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