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We Are Sunshine

The Scales of Success

Friday, June 24th, 2022

By Scott Nichols

How many times have come home from work and said you just had the worst day of your life?  What was it that made your day so bad? I bet if you break down your day it was just a few moments or incidences that determined what kind of day you were having. This happens all the time! In most cases, I have found the bad news was things that were out of my control. Someone called in sick, a customer was upset and took it out on me, or the best is when every customer decides to show up at one time and you’re by yourself. For the most part, bad news comes from someone else, either through actions and/or poor communication. Rarely do we create our own bad news on purpose.

For most “bad days” it was only a fraction of the day that created the bad news. It might be getting yelled at by a customer for a minute or two that put you in a bad mood.  It could be as simple as opening a store in the morning and the closing shift didn’t clean the store and you need to take the next 30 minutes to clean. I get it, these things can really get you upset! But what about the other seven and a half hours of the shift you worked? Bad things are going to happen, and if you don’t believe they will, you are in for a rude awakening!

If this is true for bad news, then the opposite has to be true about good news. One little thing could make my day great! When something happens that’s good, it’s usually because of something I did. The more positive things I do, the more good days I have. It doesn’t mean I am bulletproof to all the bad things that are happening – nobody is. It just means I try to win every day. What do I mean by this?

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