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We Are Sunshine

Teach Your Clients to Tan Smart

Friday, December 30th, 2016

Your employees have been trained on smart skin typing, but do your clients understand what smart tanning means? You might think it’s unnecessary for them to really get it, as long as your tanning consultants are there to guide them through the process. But helping them truly understand smart tanning, inside and outside of your salon, is a great way to differentiate your salon from the competition and show that it’s more than just a place to get a tan.

Teaching your employees how to analyze and identify client skin types with Smart Tan’s Skin Type System™ has always been a cornerstone of Smart Tan’s UV Tanning Certification for your employees. And showing your clients what it means is the subject of Smart Tan’s Skin Type poster for your salon.

“Teaching your clients skin type information is more important than ever,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “This interior advertising product is designed to show your clients — in an attractive format — more about their skin type. It’s one more way to differentiate your salon as professional.”

Client cards featuring the Smart Tan Skin Type System Identification Questionnaire are also available to help you analyze and teach Smart Skin Typing. The front of the cards features the questionnaire to help you easily and effectively determine your client’s skin type. The back includes a standard client information card.

Identifying Skin Type I clients — who cannot UV tan without burning — and giving them alternatives while teaching them sunburn prevention is a cornerstone of professional tanning in North America today. Teaching clients with Skin Type II patience while building melanin in their skin is another cornerstone.

“We’re teaching sunburn prevention more effectively than anyone in the world,” Levy said. “Skin Typing is the engine behind that.”

Call your Smart Tan member services representative at 800-652-3269 or 866-795-3755 for more information, or click here to go to Smart Tan’s online store.