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We Are Sunshine

Tanning Salon Gives Warm Reception to Cold Weather: Newspaper

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

A recent article from a Massachusetts newspaper showcases the type of positive media attention that can be garnered from your local outlets. The Lowell Sun reported on the pleasant experience that local salons provide, particularly in the midst of winter weather. It’s a great reminder of the opportunity to increase awareness of your business and the positives of tanning via local media. Coverage of this sort will draw far more attention than any ad in the same medium, and better yet, it’s free!

“The Northeast was struck with record-low temperatures and mounds of snow last week,” Kori Tuitt wrote for The Sun. “People bundled up, worked from home, got a couple of days off from school — and stopped by their favorite tanning salons.”

Several local salons were mentioned by name and given the opportunity to offer readers a glimpse at why people are attracted to their businesses.

“In the winter a lot of people come in here to get warmed up and pretend that it’s summer. Here in the Northeast it’s so miserable in the winter,” Tina Barresi, co-owner of Revere Tanning Salon, told The Sun. “They come in miserable and they leave a little happier.”

“Many clients seeking respite from the bitter cold come in to experience some sunshine and a dose of vitamin D,” another business, Wicked Tan, said in an email to the paper. “We have seen an increase in business as people seek ways to escape an unusually cold and snowy winter.”

Whether local media have sought you out for articles like this or not, it’s important to keep the opportunities in mind and be proactive in developing relationships and sending press releases to relevant outlets.

Click here to read the article from The Lowell Sun.