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Sunlight Institute: Sunbeds Stimulate Vitamin D Production

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

By Dr. Marc Sorenson, Sunlight Institute

A new study indicates that tanning beds stimulate the production of vitamin D by the skin.[1] The researchers compared dark-skinned people with Caucasians and found that tanning-bed sessions increased vitamin D levels almost identically in both ethnic groups.

This may not seem like news to those who have known about tanning beds and vitamin D for years, but unfortunately, there are organizations that make a concerted effort to destroy the tanning industry by spreading lies–lies that need to be exposed. One of those lies is that tanning beds do not cause an increase in vitamin D production. The Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF), for example, is one group that blatantly makes statements that contradict the actual research. They call the idea that tanning beds are a healthy option for boosting vitamin D levels a “myth.”[2]

The SCF must have missed an excellent study that compared 50 people, who used tanning beds regularly, with 106 who did not.  The tanning-bed group had 90% higher vitamin D levels and significantly higher bone density.[3] And, whether from vitamin D production or from some other photoproduct of UV exposure, research has shown that (a) women who use tanning beds have a reduced risk of endometrial cancer of 40-50%.[4] (b) There is a significantly lowered risk of venous thrombotic events among women who use tanning beds when compared with those who do not.[5] (c) Tanning-bed use is inversely correlated to breast-cancer risk.[6]

You can make up your own mind regarding tanning beds, but before you do, please be apprised of the truth based on research. That truth will set you free.

Click here to view the article, including citations on the Sunlight Institute website.
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