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Spice Up Your Loyalty Program

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Go beyond a boring punch card discount with a customized rewards program through digital platform Belly, as described in the Entrepreneur.com article “How to Add Personality to your Loyalty Program.”

According to its website, “Belly redefines traditional customer loyalty programs by letting you give your customers rewards they actually want! We work with your business to design rewards that are one-of-a-kind and representative of your business’s distinct personality, creating a more engaged user base and improving customer retention.”

Belly’s goal is to create a “universal” rewards program, where customers will manage loyalty accounts for all businesses they frequent through one app/card. For a monthly fee of $50 to $100, Belly provides customers with an Apple iPad running the Belly app, unlimited loyalty cards and their own account manager. Customers check in via their smartphones or a plastic Belly card and the system tracks their points. The program includes customized rewards, email campaigns and other promotions to get customers back into your store and to encourage them to share their experiences with their friends.

“Having an emotional connection with a business in some way is what fosters true loyalty,” says Belly CEO Logan LaHive. “Rewards that are memorable can create viral content, with their customers posting and tweeting about what they’ve earned. That generates great word-of-mouth for any business.”

Click here to read the article from Entrepreneur.com, with more here.