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Show Your Customers You Care About Their Skin

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Identifying Skin Type I clients — who cannot UV tan without burning — and giving them alternatives while teaching them sunburn prevention is a cornerstone of professional tanning in North America today. Teaching clients with Skin Type II patience while building melanin in their skin is another cornerstone.

“We’re teaching sunburn prevention more effectively than anyone in the world,” Smart Tan Vice President Joe Levy says. “Skin Typing is the engine behind that.”

Sunburn prevention is an important issue that needs to be addressed in every salon. It’s the golden rule of tanning because your clients’ safety comes first, but it’s also vital to your business that your clients understand the process and your salon’s expertise in the matter. You want them to know how to protect themselves outside of the salon, and earning their trust as skin care experts who care about their safety goes a long way towards earning their unwavering loyalty to your business.

That’s why Smart Tan provides not only skin typing and sunburn prevention training for your employees, but educational materials to increase confidence and show your customers that you really care about the way they’re treating their skin. This month only, we’ve packaged these products at a special price. The Premium Skin Typing Package is a $345 retail value for just $149.95 and the Skin Typing Package is an $85 value for just $49.95.


Call Smart Tan at 800-652-3269 for more information or to order the Premium Skin Typing Package and Skin Typing Package, available through the end of April only.