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Salon & Spa Business Analysis Program – Free from Universal Insurance!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

To help you to better understand the costs associated with operating your business and provide you with real-world projections on cash flow, traffic flow and the profit potential of your business model, Universal Insurance is offering you a Free Salon & Spa Business Analysis Program.

Developed by industry veteran Jerry Deveney, this program will analyze and review the vital aspects of your business model including:

  1. Calculation of the operating cost of each system featured in your business on a per session basis for lamp usage, electricity, solutions, disposables, etc. This includes all UV-Tanning Systems, Spray Tanning (automated and manual), Redlight Systems, Wellness Pods and more!
  2. Calculation of the number of sessions, packages and EFT’s you must sell each month / year to break-even.
  3. Analysis of customer spending patterns including dollars spent per customer session / per year on services and products.
  4. Calculation of salon traffic, equipment usage, and cash flow on monthly basis as well as a percentage of annual totals.
  5. Calculation of revenue per system on per month / per year basis.
  6. Analysis of the cost and the contribution to the bottom line for all additional profit centers including lotions, accessories, etc.

Comparison to Industry Averages

In addition to providing you with an in-depth analysis and review of your business model, we will also compare your numbers to industry averages. This will help to identify areas of strength and weakness and offer suggestions on how to improve your bottom line.

Get Started Today!

Whether you are opening your first location, considering expanding an existing location, buying or selling a salon – or would just like a better understanding of the business in general, our analysis is an effective support tool that will help you to increase sales and profits.

This analysis, which normally costs $195.00, is available Free of Charge to the first 100 businesses that send an email requesting this valuable service.

There is no obligation and nothing to purchase. Please send an email requesting the Free Analysis to:

And for more information on business insurance and our free salon support training videos visit: