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Registration Open for Nashville Event

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Registration is now up and running on-line for Smart Tan Downtown — Smart Tan’s 17th annual convention and trade show Oct. 19-21 in Downtown Nashville.

The world’s largest indoor tanning expo — with a trade show featuring every major supplier — once again is centered around Smart Tan’s educational conference, with workshops engineered to help your business thrive in the future of the indoor tanning market. Parties, nightlife and entertainment are also a big part of the weekend.

“We’ve been at work constructing this conference with your input pretty much since last year’s event ended, and we’ll be publishing the full schedule this spring, but I can tell you we’ve really zeroed in on finding better ways to address the biggest issues facing salon businesses right now,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “We’ve raised the bar.”

Event registration and hotel registration are now open by clicking here. Room blocks will sell out at all three host hotels, so booking in advance is advised. The Smart Tan Downtown web site includes links to hotel reservations, including instructions on how to get the special hotel rate for conference attendees.

Aside from indoor tanning’s largest trade show with new products for 2013, Smart Tan Downtown includes:

Down-to-Business Workshops: Smart Tan’s 2012 conference program is a hard-core workout for your tanning business — helping you firm up all aspects of your business with strategic planning and specific tactical suggestions for owners, managers and operators to improve all your operations, sales results, marketing approach, salon messaging, salon procedures, training utilization and overall professionalism. This program is designed to set you on the course to being a hard-core tanning leader with all the tools to survive and thrive in the tanning market of tomorrow. Look for specific details on the classes this spring.

Vitamin D Foundation Symposium: The New Science Vindicating UV Exposure: A half-day pre-conference symposium hosted by the Vitamin D Foundation, this scientific session goes into remarkable and never-before-seen detail on how the latest UV research shows clearly that the professional sunbed salon community is taking the right approach and that Sun Scare messaging about the UV exposure from indoor tanning is completely inaccurate. A distinguished panel of UV and Vitamin D experts presents research that makes the case for a new, balanced message more compelling than ever. Look for detail this spring on this symposium, which will be adjunct to the rest of the convention and will involve a separate fee.

Smart Tan’s Friday Night Kickoff Welcome Reception: Welcome to Downtown Nashville — an exciting venue for our 17th Annual Convention designed to help you grow your tanning business, but also to have fun doing it. This popular opening mixer is a casual way to meet with your entire Smart Tan staff, meet with peers, get your on-site registration squared away and even let us help you map out your weekend.

$100,000 Give-Away Closing Session Game Show: Smart Tan’s 17th Annual Convention ends with a big celebration and a big give-away as we play our own fast-paced game show and give away thousands of dollars in product from vendor partners in this event — including tanning beds

Smart Tan’s 2013 UV Tanning Certification: Smart Tan’s all-new UV Tanning (basic technical) certification has been re-engineered for greater retention and understanding. The first part of the course focuses entirely on the technical material your operators need to know to do their jobs — simplifying material to ensure comprehension and laying the foundation for every other form of training they will need to be professional tanning operators. UV light, skin, the tanning process, indoor tanning procedures, indoor tanning equipment, skin typing and the health effects of UV are covered in a reworked, easy-to-follow format. There is a separate fee for this bonus course. Operators in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon and South Carolina who have not already taken a full-day course may need to take a full-day course instead. Call Smart Tan at 800-652-3269 for details.

Smart Tan’s 2013 ‘D Angel’ Vitamin D Action Empowerment Training: Widely regarded as the most powerful grassroots market growth and employee empowerment program Smart Tan has ever created, the “D-Angel” certification program is an emotionally charged multimedia presentation that makes your blood boil — empowering indoor tanning employees to become your most effective tanning ambassadors and to use the power of social networking to change your community’s perceptions about UV exposure and tanning. There is a separate fee for this bonus course.

Look for the full convention schedule this spring.