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We Are Sunshine

Oasis in the Valley of the Sun

Monday, June 12th, 2017

You know that thing when you’re at a great restaurant, you’re watching the bartender work the crowd and run the front of the house, and it’s a magical thing to see? Or when you’re watching a championship team and the quarterback or point guard is running the offense with precision, and it’s all perfect? Well, it’s kind of like that at Desert Escape Tanning Center.

“Personally, I feel like I’m the bartender,” laughs Desert Escape full-time manager Jill Lussier. “People come in and talk to me about everything. We definitely get to know our clients. Our salon has a super-friendly family feel. Clients come to us because they say they want to be somewhere they feel comfortable. We are very welcoming and try to know everyone on a first-name basis.”

Jill started as a bed cleaner four years ago and worked her way up to manager working for owner Tony Gilbert, who purchased the existing salon from a friend in 2012. Desert Escape Tanning Center lives up to its name by creating and maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism, providing an impressive offering of packages and upgrades, and personal touches that make clients feel like they’re getting away from it all for a quick escape.

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