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New Research on Sun Exposure and Breast Cancer Risk

Friday, July 26th, 2013

A first of its kind study suggests a connection between sun exposure, lower breast density, and thus reduced breast cancer risk, the Vitamin D Council reports. High breast density is recognized as a strong risk factor for breast cancer.

Researchers surveyed 650 Hong Kong Chinese women with a questionnaire used to estimate sun exposure. They then assessed breast density with a mammogram and classified density with the Tabár classification system. They found that:

  • Women aged 40-44 who had spent the most lifetime hours in the sun had a 59 percent decreased risk of having high risk breast pattern compared to those that spent the least hours in the sun.
  • Women aged 40-44 same age who spent the most hours in the sun during the ages of 6 to 12 had a 63 percent reduced risk of having high risk breast pattern compared to those who spend the least hours in the sun at that age.
  • Women with low breast density (Tabár scores I-III) had more sun exposure at every age compared to those with high breast density (Tabár scores IV-V).
  • Women with high breast density were more likely to use sun protection that those with low breast density.

To the knowledge of the researchers, the relationship between sun exposure and breast density had not previously been studied.

“The present findings indicate that increased sunlight exposure throughout one’s lifetime and across ages 6 to 12 years seem to be associated with a protective effect of breast cancer risk measured by breast density among Hong Kong premenopausal women,” the researchers concluded.

Click here to read the Vitamin D Council’s analysis of the study.

Click here to read the full study.
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