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New & Improved

Wednesday, July 5th, 2023

FIT Bodywrap 45Turbo

With the same great benefits of the original system, the new FIT Bodywrap 45Turbo will allow for much shorter sessions with maximum results. The new system allows for quicker heating without compromising the effects produced, allowing for shorter 45-minute sessions to replace the standard 60-minute session.

The 45T It’s a stronger, faster, and better machine. It puts more money in your pocket as a salon operator because you can have higher turnover and put more people through, sell more sessions and memberships, and generate higher revenue.

With thousands of original FIT Bodywrap systems operating in tanning businesses around the country, the company is now offering a program to upgrade people to the 45T from the classic system. Existing FIT Bodywrap owners can spend less to upgrade to the new technology by simply sending in their controller and having the software upgraded.

For new customers, the FIT Bodywrap system only takes one week to launch.

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