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We Are Sunshine

Increase Efficiency with Salon-Specific Training

Monday, March 4th, 2013

While some knowledge is universal, each and every tanning salon has its own unique employees, policies, strengths, weaknesses, challenges and issues. Even salons within the same chain or franchise may have slightly different needs. And of course, as we all know too well, these needs are ever changing. That’s why, along with traditional training tracks, Smart Tan offers fully customizable My Brand Training.

With My Brand Training, you can upload your own training materials and tests to your Smart Tan member account and assign these tracks to employees just as you would any traditional Smart Tan training track. Sales procedures, bed cleaning, opening and closing, whatever it may be – My Brand Training makes it simple, uniform and convenient.

Hannah Hipps, owner of a four-salon chain in the Charleston, S.C. area called Sun Station Tanning Studios, uses My Brand Training, along with Smart Tan’s UV Training and Sales certification tracks. As opposed to other forms of salon-specific training, she likes the convenience and consistency that My Brand Training provides.

“The cool thing is you can base it off what your specific salon does,” Hannah says. “Every salon has different issues and with this you can make it so everyone is learning the same thing across the board. Usually when you’re doing training, you’re saying different things and you hope everybody takes it the same way, but with this everything is uniform.”

Sun Station Tanning Studios began using My Brand Training in May 2012, and has created and utilized tracks covering company policies, customer service procedures, upselling, freezing or cancelling accounts, and specific products. Since she began using My Brand Training, Hannah says that she and her store managers rarely encounter the need to do in-person trainings. They still do lotion trainings in person so employees get the opportunity to smell and feel the products, but other than that, the only hands-on trainings occur on an as-needed basis. The store managers occasionally gather their employees to discuss procedures that aren’t getting done properly or to clarify certain policies, but that’s about it, Hannah says.

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