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We Are Sunshine

Igniting Your Business Through Investment

Monday, February 8th, 2016

We’ve all heard the chatter about salons closing around the country, but what about those that are flourishing now more than ever? There are still plenty of owners that are continuously investing in their businesses and reaping the benefits. While small businesses will always face challenges from competitors and external factors, smart business owners are manifesting success by implementing consistent upgrades.

The trends among successful salons are consistent — they are dedicated to regular business enhancements and continuously rotating their products and equipment to keep customers engaged. Invest in your brand to catch the eye of potential customers, and constantly evolve your business to ensure that you’ll establish a loyal following.

“It’s important to have awareness in your brand, because in your area you want tanning to be synonymous with your brand name; when they think tanning it’s important they think of you. Get your name out there. There’s always going to be competition, so maintaining your client base and keeping them happy with improvements and changes is imperative to your survival,” says Lisa Parsons, the director of sales and education for Devoted Creations.

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