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We Are Sunshine

Hire & Groom Employees for Sunless Success

Thursday, May 17th, 2018

By Ivy Potter, Image Sun of Northwest Indiana

Employees are the front line of your business; having good employees is as important as having working equipment. Use these tips to find the right employees and get the most out of all of your employees.

Hire the personality. When posting a help wanted ad, we often focus on finding someone with experience or open availability. While those are helpful, bad habits are hard to break, and just because someone is always available to work doesn’t mean they are worth having. Keep in mind that the right personality can be taught, but you can’t teach personality. Look for candidates that have a great attitude and an energetic and outgoing personality. Focusing on charisma prevents passing over a candidate that can be molded into a super star for someone who may have experience but is lacking in other areas.

Once you find the right employee, invest in training. Writing down a step-by-step training guide that is used for every new employee creates consistency. It also helps the trainer remember that it can be overwhelming to learn what has become second nature with experience. Create a resource book containing step-by-step instructions for regular duties like deep cleaning the spray tan room or how to schedule appointments. Employees can use this as a reference when they are unsure. If you are specific about your expectation and consistent in teaching employees how to meet those expectations, everyone wins.

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