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Handling Customer Complaints

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Rectify negative customer experiences, and hold onto valuable clients, by utilizing the process described in the article “5 Steps to Handling a Customer Complaint” from No matter how hard you try to keep all your customers happy, there will always be occasional bad experiences. Don’t let those incidents negatively cost you business. Make sure all employees know how to handle complaints like a pro.

  1. Listen and Understand. Take the time to listen thoroughly to the complaint so you truly understand what the customer wants before responding.
  2. Empathize. Create a bond with the customer by showing that you can identify with their issue. Repeating a summary of their complaint back to them is an easy way to show you care and want to make the situation right.
  3. Offer a solution. “Always focus on what you can do as opposed to what you cannot,” the article suggests. Even if you can’t provide exactly what they want, focus on what you can do, rather than blatantly denying their request.
  4. Execute the Solution. Resolve the problem with either their requested solution or your proposed alternative. Keep in mind that a solution that costs you a few bucks is still better than losing a long-term customer.
  5. Follow-up. Don’t forget to follow-up and ensure that your solution sufficiently alleviated their concerns.

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