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Google Tools You Didn’t Know About

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Most people know about Google Maps, Adwords, Analytics and Gmail, but Google offers many more useful business tools that you might have never noticed, as described in the article “8 Hidden but Powerful Google Tools for Business,” from These applications aren’t listed on, even on the “Even More” page, but they’re all useful tools for marketing and business operations.

  1. Google Trends. Plug potential marketing language into this application to find out how trendy it is, based on Google searches over time. Pick terminology that’s trending upwards for your sales materials, website copy and SEO.
  2. Think With Google. For more data to help your business stay up with evolving trends, utilize free marketing insights, case studies, industry research, creative inspiration and consumer trends offered by Think With Google.
  3. GoMo. Haven’t taken your website mobile yet? GoMo takes your site mobile using automated templates – and it’s free for a year. It also offers a free diagnostic test to tell you how mobile friendly your site is.
  4. YouTube’s My Business Story. Use this guide to create free online marketing videos. Just upload clips and use templates to add graphics and music.
  5. Google+ Hangouts. Hangouts allow you to video chat and share screens for better off-site business meetings.
  6. Get Your Business Online. Believe it or not, more than half of U.S. small businesses don’t have websites, according to Google. This tool offers free website building, domain name registration, and hosting for up to one year.
  7. Trusted Stores. If you do any online retailing, becoming a Google Trusted Store will help alleviate any worries customers have about your reliability.
  8. Google Apps for Business. A direct competitor of Microsoft Office, this software keeps your data in the cloud and costs as little as $5/month depending on which features you utilize.

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