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First-Ever Employee Focused Sessions at Smart Tan Nashville

Friday, July 11th, 2014

The educational conference at Smart Tan Nashville has always been built to look at the big picture…marketing, sales, operations — what you as owners and operators can do right now to make a big difference in your businesses. That hasn’t changed, but sometimes to make a difference you have to work from the bottom up. The people dealing with customers, cleaning the beds, and making sales every day are the cornerstone of your business. If they aren’t doing their jobs right, it doesn’t matter how good your equipment, products and marketing are. A lack of professionalism or uninspired, unrefined salesmanship can bring any salon down in a hurry.

So, for the first time at Smart Tan Nashville 2014 (Oct. 3-5 2014), we’re featuring two sessions specifically designed to improve the professional skills of these frontline employees.

On Saturday, we’ll look at sales. Of course, we talk extensively about sales every year in Nashville, but never before in such a hands-on manner intended to directly educate the salespeople. Far too often, salon employees act like, or are treated like, someone who’s just there to clean beds, set timers and give the customers what they want. But employees at successful salons are true salespeople who should be actively steering your customers to spend more money at your salon. This session will teach real-life techniques that will change the way your staff performs their role as a sales professional.

Then, on Sunday, we’ll move on to professionalism. As we’ll discuss all weekend in Nashville this year, professionalism is everything in the modern tanning market. Today’s tanning customers demand professionalism from the salons they visit, and it’s up to all of to do everything we can to uphold the reputation of the industry in general. While it’s the job of owners and operators to teach employees to act professionally, they have to rely on their staffs to be the professional face of the operation. This session focuses on concrete ways to raise the bar when it comes to professionalism.

So, more so than ever, you’ll want to bring your entire staff to Nashville this year to experience these more technical sessions, while owners and operators enjoy the classes with higher level concepts for marketing, networking, sales, and operations.

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