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Find, Train, Retain: No salon is complete without quality employees

Monday, April 4th, 2016

No matter what systems you put in place, your business is reliant upon proficient, dynamic employees that are passionate about delivering a quality experience for every customer. However, finding that one special someone isn’t always easy, and keeping them is even harder. In an industry that faces more turnover than most, it takes a concerted, strategic effort to increase the longevity of your hires and build an experienced, dedicated team.

An effective hiring process will make keeping solid staff members that much easier down the road. Once you’ve found your shining star, it’s your job to set them up for success. Management style will make or break a salon’s staff. Keeping staff motivated is based upon the culture you establish and opportunities you provide. Commission and incentives will help employees see the benefit in staying with your company, but you should also be manned with other enticing techniques.

Establishing a motivating and positive culture will pic up where money and opportunity leave off. Giving back to your employees in ways that go beyond their salary can make their current job remain more appealing that other opportunities with similar or even greater pay. A positive, vibrant work culture can truly make your business somewhere they want to be; a place that your employees will be proud to work. Employees value camaraderie at work greatly — improve their lives with a job they love and expect them to improve yours with loyalty and dedication≥.

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