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Dr. Mercola Slams Sun Scare Derms

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

2010-09-08 Mercola Slams Sun Scare Derms copyThe founder of the internet’s most widely read natural health web site has again slammed the chemical sunscreen and cosmetic dermatology industries for fueling public health problems related to sunlight deprivation and vitamin D deficiency.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of www.mercola.com, published his comments this week.

“It’s absolutely tragic that dermatologists and sunscreen manufacturers have done such a thorough job of deterring people from the sun — your optimal source for natural vitamin D,” Mercola wrote. “Their widely dispersed message to avoid the sun as much as possible, combined with an overall cultural trend of spending more time indoors during both work and leisure time, has greatly contributed to the widespread vitamin D deficiency seen today.”

Mercola endorses regular non-burning sun exposure and even indoor tanning in lieu of the sun when it is done in a non-burning fashion and when it is accompanied with the right diet.

To read Mercola’s article click here.