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Develop Employees that Truly Care

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

To get your workers to really dedicate themselves to their jobs, because they want to not because they have to, you’ve first got to show that you care, the article “10 Reasons Employees Really Care About Their Jobs” explains. Workers go the extra mile when they feel like part of a team, can pursue a higher purpose, and work with people that care. Take these steps to help them get there:

  1. Providing freedom. Allow them to be individuals, take responsibility and be empowered.
  2. Setting logical expectations. When you explain how to do something, don’t forget to explain why. This helps employees embrace their role, and creates precedent for how they’ll complete other duties.
  3. Building a true sense of team. People perform better when they know others are counting on them. Help workers understand how their effort impacts others, and they’ll step up their game.
  4. Fostering a unique sense of purpose. Everyone wants to feel a sense of purpose, and feel like each action is working toward something bigger. Find out what employees really care about, and help them work those things into their job.
  5. Encourage genuine input. Always encourage employees to share their ideas for the business. If an idea isn’t feasible, explain why not rather than dismissing it offhand. This will help encourage creative thinking and better ideas.
  6. Seeing the person inside the employee. To really show that you care first, learn to appreciate an employee for the person he or she is, not just the work they do.
  7. Treating each employee not just equally but fairly. Not only do you need to enforce your rules equitably, you need to step back and make sure that your rules are right, morally and ethically speaking.
  8. Dishing out occasional tough love. Unfortunately, the boss can’t always be Mr. Nice Guy. Even the best employees need constructive feedback sometimes, and good ones will respect you for being open, honest, and helping them improve.
  9. Dishing our frequent public praise. Don’t be shy about recognizing good work in front of others. You should even find ways to recognize average and poor performers, as it will hopefully help boost their confidence and will to succeed.
  10. Creating opportunities. A job is only more than a job when it can lead to greater things. Help employees envision and work toward their futures, whether it’s with your business or in another profession.

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