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Celsius Tannery Billboard Sponsorship Garners National Attention

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

What do dogs have to do with tanning? Well, everybody – including tanners – loves dogs, of course!

Celsius Tannery, a four-location tanning business in greater Kansas City, leveraged their customers’ appreciation for man’s best friend into an effort to help long-term shelter pets that prompted some positive local and national attention for the business and industry in the process.

Celsius ran its “Sprays for Strays” campaign in May 2021, providing free upgrades, free lotion packets, free spray tans for first time users and more in exchange for donations supporting Mission Driven Goods in its mission to raise funds, hope and awareness for local animal shelters in Kansas City. One of the organization’s recent endeavors that Celsius helped fund was a billboard advertising the availability of an 11-year-old pit bull mix, Sally Sue, that had been at a shelter awaiting a new home for nearly two years. The billboard on Interstate 35 featuring Sally Sue’s adorable face and “sponsored by Celsius Tannery” clearly struck a chord, prompting viral Facebook posts, as well as local and national media attention, including articles from People Magazine and Fox News.

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