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We Are Sunshine

Building Your Customer Base in September

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

I have found that each month of the year can give you an opportunity to find new customers. September is no different. September is a month just like any other to build your EFT and sunless business. For example, in December we can market towards customers who are looking for some color before a holiday party. In February, we are marketing towards customers looking to go on vacation. In June, we are looking to market towards customers that need an extra boost of color before they spend a weekend outside. September is no different and can be a great month to execute a marketing plan to bring in new customers.

I like to market our spray tans to students starting their school year. I have noticed more students are spray tanning than ever. I believe it is a growing trend that will keep increasing for the next several years. Students want fast and immediate results. Spray tanning accomplishes that need. I have two ideas on how you can use your marketing wisely in September.

  1. Back to school is an exciting time of the year! Many are starting college for the first time or are looking at finishing their last year. Either way, a lot of students want to look their best, almost like a first impression that will set them up for the rest of the school year. Many students, on their first day, will wear their best and newest clothes, get their hair done and do their nails. A spray tan can be that perfect addition to start their school year.

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