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Base Tans Protect Whales from Sunburn Too

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

This may be the first time you’ve ever been okay with the notion of being compared to a whale.

A study reported by USA Today found that whales, like humans, tan in order to protect themselves from sunburn.

Because of their lighter skin color, its necessary for blue whales to get a tan for their  summer migrations to the Gulf of California. The research showed that Blue Whales with higher levels of melanin suffered less “mtDNA UV-induced damage.

“When blue whales go on their holidays to the Gulf of California they get a tan the same way we do,” a Newcastle University researcher told BBC. “And that tan protects blue whales from sunburnt DNA.”

It’s the same principle that salons put to work daily this time of year. In preparing someone for a sunny vacation or the sunny season, an average indoor tanner might begin his or her tanning regimen with a five minute session and, over the course of three to four weeks, gradually work up to 15 to 20 minute sessions under the supervision of a professionally trained tanning operator. That means – after building a base tan – he or she can be exposed to 3-4 times as much sunlight before sunburn develops. Professional tanning facilities recommend the proper use of sunscreen outdoors in situations where sunburn is a possibility. So the base tan makes the tanner’s skin 3-4 times more resilient, which multiples the effectiveness of the sunscreen he or she applies outdoors.

Click here to read the article from USA Today.

Click here to view the study.
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