April 2016 Member of the Month - Smart Tan
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April 2016 Member of the Month

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Eric Anderson, Unlimited Tan

In the Chicagoland area, it’s likely that you’ve seen an Unlimited Tan location. Known for their exceptional devotion to cleanliness, with every client manned with a cleaning cart complete with a vacuum, this chain of salons goes the extra mile for every client. Always on the look out for new locations, Unlimited Tan has no signs of stopping their tanning services and is a big part of their local community. To further solidify their devotion to the community, Unlimited Tan is highly involved in giving back. In this Smart Tan exclusive interview, owner Eric Anderson discusses Unlimited Tan’s charitable giving:

We do quite a bit of charitable giving. We love giving back to the youth. We financially sponsor two local girls’ softball teams and one local youth football team on top of providing gift cards for raffle and auction – the parents of these children are clients of ours. We also financially sponsored an event raising money for parents of sick children who couldn’t afford the expensive parking fees it costs to visit their children during extended hospital stays in downtown Chicago.

We give back to, and support, female empowerment. We work with a Junior Women’s Club in the Chicagoland area financially, donating and sponsoring many of their causes and events to help local community members in distress, such as the homeless, children, animals and those that are battling various ailments. The most recent events we’ve done with them were walks that benefit numerous charities such as autism, a Wellness House for cancer patients and survivors and other 501c charities that help children with disabilities, as well as individuals in need of food or shelter.

We love to give back to our community to show pride for our area. There’s a water park in a local community that we provide picnic tables with that have umbrellas to shade people from the sun, and we remind patrons to tan responsibly on our signage in the park. We also pass out free sunscreen there and at other pub pool events in various communities. In addition, we sponsor the Chicago Blackhawks and their Ice Crew girls, providing them with free all-access tanning and spraying. Pretty much any time someone asks us for a local donation, to participate in a block party, or to be a part of a fundraiser, we are happy to provide them with gift cards to raffle or auction off. It helps them raise money and awareness, while promoting our business in a positive light as well.

To learn more about Unlimited Tan, visit their website at www.unlimitedtan.com