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We Are Sunshine

All New Launched

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Smart Tan on Thursday launched an all-new version of – our public web site geared to teach your tanning clients and your communities the truth about professional indoor tanning.

“The site, updated in January after several months of work with web designers, has great new features that allow us to update it regularly, keeping pace with news and research about Vitamin D, UV light and tanning that are coming at us faster than ever,” Smart Tan Chairman Matt D. Russell said. “Our ability to get media initiatives and press responses out quickly is greatly enhanced by this re-design.”


New features of include:

  • Dr. Marc Sorenson’s Blog: Linked prominently to the web site is Dr. Marc Sorenson’s independent blog promoting smart indoor tanning as a preferred source of vitamin D. Sorenson, the author of “Solar Power for Optimal Health” who spoke at Smart Tan’s 2007 Annual Conference, has made promoting regular UV exposure a priority in his health care promotions and is an independent advocate of tanning. He is not compensated by the tanning industry as an independent spokesperson.
  • Joe Levy’s Blog: Also linked to the web site is a blog Smart Tan Vice President Joe Levy will update regularly. The blog’s purpose is to teach your clients more about the misinformation campaign being waged by the promoters of “sun scare” and how professional tanning facilities are the ones delivering the right message about UV today.
  • Video Support: We’ve attached video to the web site, making the information interactive with your clients and your friends. We’ll update video programs regularly.
  • More links to independent reports: We’ve highlighted some of the best reports out there supporting our position on smart tanning.
  • Easier Updates: will be updated more regularly throughout the tanning season, responding and commenting on current press reports on UV, tanning and vitamin D.

“This will tie in with other services we provide to Smart Tan members as an even better tool to educate your communities about proper sun care habits,” Russell said.

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