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9 Ways to Motivate Employees

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

“The ability to motivate employees is one of the greatest skills an entrepreneur can possess,” writes Ciplex CEO Ilya Pozin in a recent article from Time Business. He goes on to describe 9 things – besides money – that will boost morale and help make your employees as passionate about your business as you are.

  1. Be generous with praise. Here’s an easy one! Don’t underestimate the power of praise from the CEO. Try to compliment every improvement that you see your team members make.
  2. Get rid of the managers. Allowing your staff to work together as a team rather than reporting to one individual can do wonders. Letting people work together on an equal level will often produce better, faster results because they don’t want to let the team down.
  3. Make your ideas theirs. Instead of saying “I’d like you to do it this way,” try “Do you think it’s a good idea if we do it this way?”
  4. Never criticize or correct. Rather than pointing a finger, try an indirect approach to correcting mistakes. Ask, “Was that the best way to approach the problem? Why not? Have any ideas on what you could have done differently?”
  5. Make everyone a leader. “Highlight your top performers’ strengths and let them know that because of their excellence, you want them to be the example for others,” Pozin writes. “You’ll set the bar high and they’ll be motivated to live up to their reputation as a leader.”
  6. Take an employee to lunch once a week. Don’t make it a formal policy – just surprise them.  It’s an easy way to remind employees that you appreciate their work.
  7. Give recognition and small rewards. Offer praise for an accomplishment during a meeting or run contests with prizes. Offering small tangible rewards like trophies, plaques or gift certificates won’t break the bank and can be a great motivator.
  8. Throw company parties. Organize events throughout the year to keep up the team morale.
  9. Share the rewards—and the pain. Show that you’re thankful by including everyone in the celebration when things are going well. But if there are disappointments, share those too. Be transparent and honest and make sure the team knows where the company stands.

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