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News Archive for February, 2009

About Face: Vendome Faces by Zeda

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Always on the cutting edge of tanning technologies, Zeda has released its latest and greatest, Vendome O2 Catalyst Rejuvenating Facial Serum (aka “Faces”). This serum is the first total facial product designed to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles …

Sensor-Controlled Tanning: Sun Angel from Sun Ergoline

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Sun Ergoline’s Sun Angel knows just how much UV light is necessary for a perfect-looking tan while virtually eliminating overexposure. Individual UV light requirements depend not only on skin type, but also if the skin has an existing tan. The …

Ask the Trainer: Base Tans?

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Q: Many of my clients have friends and relatives who still believe that indoor tanning “base tans” don’t work. Of course we know they do work, but what do I tell them?…..Click here for the full story

Kudos to the Sunshine Vitamin

Friday, February 27th, 2009

February reminds most people of Valentine’s Day, some people of Black History Month and at my salon, we reminded people that it was Vitamin D Deficiency Month. It is a constant source of amazement to me the number of customers …

Teens and Vitamin D

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Teen tanning and vitamin D are the number one subjects for Canadian salons. The Canadian Cancer Society and its provincial divisions continue pushing provincial governments to regulate tanning salons while promoting increased vitamin D levels at the same time. Though …

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

Friday, February 27th, 2009

For many, the most difficult part of becoming a successful salesperson is learning to overcome the fear of rejection. But a client’s initial rejection is just part of the sales process.

• Keep Going: Rejection isn’t the end of the …

Devoted to D-Feating Breast Cancer

Friday, February 27th, 2009

When it comes to the fight against breast cancer and racing to find a cure for the disease, Devoted Creations never slows. The company works extremely hard at all levels – salons, distributor functions, advertising and grass roots with tanners …

Don’t Compromise Maximize

Friday, February 27th, 2009

The recently passed economic stimulus plan doesn’t include much that will directly benefit small businesses, but experts say small business is likely to find its own answers closer to home – with on-hand opportunity available from existing customers.
“The difference …