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We Are Sunshine

Quote of the Week:
Tans Are Not Damage, Derm Says

Monday, November 21st, 2011

“A suntan is an evolutionary device, it protects against burning. A suntan is just a sign of increased pigment, melanin, in the skin and is a natural biological response to the sun, not a sign of skin damage.” — Dr. Sam Shuster, Emeritus Professor of Dermatology, Newcastle University.

Ever notice how dermatology industry leaders who aren’t connected to chemical sunscreen dollars are more likely to be honest that suntans are natural and intended and that calling a tan ‘damage’ is as misleading as calling exercise ‘damage’ to your muscles?

Dr. Shuster is among many in the British dermatology community calling for a more sensible message about sun exposure and suntans. His views were shared by American dermatology pioneer Dr. Bernard Ackerman, a highly decorated leader in dermatology who tanned himself and who pioneered much of the field of dermatopathology.

Like Shuster, Ackerman was not tied in any way to chemical sunscreen dollars.