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Ohio Employee Earns 2011 Smart Tan Award

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Smart Tan honored H2O Tanning employee Amanda Parrott with the 2011 Smart Tan Award for Industry Service in a ceremony at the opening general session at Smart Tan Downtown Oct. 15 — recognizing her outstanding role as an D-Angel-trained sunlight ambassador

“Since 1997 Smart Tan has recognized true innovators and difference-makers in the tanning community with the Smart Tan Award, presented at your annual convention. It is not about bricks and mortar. It is about content and character and efforts that truly advance the indoor tanning community as a whole,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said in the ceremony.

Parrott received the award along with Celsius Tannery owner Roger Holmes, who was also honored.

Parrott is the first salon employee ever to receive the Smart Tan Award. In fact, she’s relatively new to the tanning market — helping Kellie Willie open H2O Tanning in Marysville, Ohio in 2010. Parrott completed Smart Tan’s Master’s Certification Track — which includes the D-Angel Empowerment Training designed to motivate staff to make a difference in your community. Parrott did just that.

While attending esthetician school, Parrott was shocked that an instructor maintained that sunbeds could microwave people. Here’s how Parrott reacted, in her own words: “I stopped the class and explained how it was a complete myth…I had to correct her several times through the class.”

It didn’t end there. As H2O owner Kellie Willie recalls, “The instructor immediately went on to the next portion of her lecture, avoiding the remainder of what she was going to say about tanning beds at that time… until she made a comment that it is safer to tan outdoors than it is to tan in an indoor tanning bed. Amanda once again interrupted the class by saying, ‘Excuse me, but I don’t know how much UV my skin is taking in when I am outdoors since there are so many variables like the weather conditions, the time of day, how the Earth is tilted, and even the density of the Ozone layer directly above me just then. I find it much safer to tan in a tanning bed where I know exactly how much ultraviolet I am getting based on the types of lamps in the bed and how much time I spend in it. A tanning bed offers a very controlled amount of UV that cannot be achieved outdoors, and I feel MUCH SAFER tanning in that controlled environment, thank you!’”

According to Willie, the instructor did not mention tanning, either indoors or out, for the remainder of the lecture. “In fact, since then several of the students from that class have approached Amanda specifically to discuss indoor tanning, and Amanda is always willing to share her knowledge on the subject,” Willie said.