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We Are Sunshine

New Tanners, More Sessions!

Monday, February 13th, 2017

By Mike Concannon, Sunless, Inc.

Make it easier and more valuable for customers to say “yes” to spray tanning, and they are more likely to say “yes” more often.

  1. Remove the anxiety:
    1. At least one staffer on every shift should be sporting a fresh spray tan
    2. Seeing is believing, and staffers will help overcome the dreaded fear of ‘orange’
  1. Make it easy to say “yes”
    1. “Free” should actually mean free!
    2. During free spray days, make the entire tan free – no upsell or upcharge
    3. Offer the next two tans (all options) at 2 for $30
  1. Customers say “too expensive”
    1. Research has shown the main reason people don’t spray tan more often is it’s “too expensive”.
    2. Price spray tan single sessions, packages and EFT at a price that makes spray tanning a spontaneous/impulse decision.
    3. Mani/Pedi session price is $20-$30 (without EFT), and sales have exploded.
    4. 3 spray sessions x $25 is worth a lot more to a salon than 1 x $40/$45/$50.
    5. Test a simplified, easy-to-understand price: Basic spray tan (any level) at $18 and an “any and all-add-ons” option for $25.

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