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What Does the Anti-Tanning Lawsuit Mean to You? More Details in Nashville

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Indoor tanning businesses are finally taking a stand against their critics, and we’ll discuss the full details in a dedicated industry session, only at Smart Tan Nashville, Nov. 13-15.

Last month a group of Nebraska salons filed a lawsuit against a prominent anti-tanning organization based in Nebraska. Backed by the ASA and its members, this lawsuit represents a “line drawn in the sand” as we seek to hold groups and individuals accountable for misstatements about the tanning industry.

“It is unfortunate that Nebraska tanning salon owners must seek relief in the legal system to preserve the right to operate our businesses free from misinformation and attacks,” said Curt Bowen, president of a Nebraska salon franchise group president, in a press release. “But in this case, our very livelihoods are on the line.”

Salons around the country have rallied around the effort, making contributions to the ASA Legal Fund to support the fight. They know the impact will extend well beyond Nebraska, but where do we all go from here? At Smart Tan Nashville we will discuss the litigation as well as other steps the ASA is taking to refute misstatements and get the message about UV back on track.

What does our industry’s future look like? What are the FDA, CDC and other federal agencies planning for your business? Are state regulators looking for more than just under-18 tan bans? What does the research really say about indoor tanning? Is there anyone in the media who will listen? Sunday’s keynote presentation at Smart Tan Nashville will cover all of these items in detail, including the ASA’s multi-part action plan to get our industry back on track.

Nashville is the only event where you’ll get answers to all of your most important questions regarding your indoor tanning business.

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Find out more about the litigation by visiting this website.